Pedigree Pietrain Pigs

Pedigree Pietrain Pigs are sociable, do well
Outdoors or indoors, are quiet easy to handle.

Pedigree Pietrain Pigs

Pietrain (British Blue, formerly Belgium Blue) Pigs are sociable, they do well both Outdoor and indoor. Pietrain pigs are easy to handle and generally known as quiet pigs.

Pedigree Pietrain Pigs are a ‘Modern’ Breed pig that originate in Belgium in the pre war years and imported into this country in the 1940’s by Walls meat company under British government advise, to produce this efficient modern pig breed with higher quality meat, high yielding carcass at lower feed cost and less fat production, the pietrain was derived from cross breeding the French Bayeux pig, the local large white pig and the duroc to breed this ‘double muscled’ low fat pig that we know today.

Over the years the Pedigree Pietrain pig has developed throughout Europe and fitted into the full spectrum of Pork production from Hams, to pork and country spacific meat types. The meat is low cholesterol with on average 66% less fat carcass ref: British Meat board statistics. The Belgium origin lines are the show machines, with the German lines of the Pedigree Pietrain Pig being the more bacon or cutter pig type.

The Pedigree Pietrain pig has become in the UK the main pig to produce higher production performance, lowering the costs and the ideal enhancer or improver for any pig enterprise.

  • If you produce meats from traditional breeds for Farmers Market or own products and you wish to reduce cutting and trimming costs – then the Pietrain Pig is worth a serious look as a cross
  • If you produce weaner pigs for market, then a quality Pietrain cross will improve your price
  • If you produce pork pigs for sale, then the Pietrain will improve your yields and reduce your feed costs
  • If you produce cutter pigs for bacon and ham then nothing is able to out perform The Pietrain on cost or quality and yield
  • Is it time to Look at Pedigree Pietrain Pigs to improve your business ?

Gillo Farm has been breeding and producing quality Pedigree Pietrain Pigs for in excess of ten years and we have gain notoriety in the show ring, the meat show achieving many national Gold and Silver awards for the quality and taste of our Pietrain Meat. We have gained many loyal customers for the quality of our Pietrain Pigs for breeding and cross breeding that offer the right pig for the job.

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